babywearing: nature baby ring sling

babywearing: nature baby ring sling

cuddle on the go: nature baby ring sling

Happy International Babywearing Week!

Babywearing is described as a way to keep baby or toddler close and connected to you while you engage in daily activities. It is a traditional practise in many cultures. Many parents can be daunted as many carriers look like a test in origami, but trust us, its not that hard - especially once you get used to it! Parents who successfully and actively wear baby, tend to love it. 

Some of the reasons Nature Baby loves babywearing are because it...

Creates a mutually strong and trusting bond between parent and child
Increases the parent's awareness of the baby's need
Reduces the baby's level of stress hormone
Helps the baby fall asleep and stay asleep longer
Can reduce colic, crying and fussiness, therefore baby is happier and more content
Promotes neurological development from the natural movement and stimulation
Develops an innate knowingness of safety, security, and love
Provides constant access to breastfeeding
Frees the parent to accomplish daily activities and chores

The Nature Baby Organic Ring Slings are made from our beautiful, soft and durable 100% organic cotton, and are a very traditional style of baby carrier used for generations by many cultures. The style is one that many modern parents find practical, comforting and easy to use for them and baby. The ring sling style is totally adjustable, by pulling the fabric 'tail' you will always have the perfect fit, (plus the tail is always good for some privacy when feeding). 

They are flexible and can be worn three different ways lasting from newborn to toddler:

1. The cradle hold allows you to carry your baby from birth. This position allows for easy breastfeeding, and also naturally supports your baby, without putting pressure on the developing infant spine and hips. 

2. The upright tummy hold or "froggy" is great for little ones who like being held upright, especially those with colic or reflux. A lovely way to have baby securely against your body. 

3. The upright hip hold for an older child (6months+) is a classic hip hold while allowing for hands-free. Little one will enjoy being involved in your day to day activities, while still freeing your arms up to get on with things. 

A few useful tips to help make babywearing successful for you and your little one:

Success with a baby sling usually takes a little patience
It might pay to start with a happy, fed and rested baby before trying the sling for the first time
Wear baby snug to your body. If your baby is hanging low, you may feel some pain in your back
Make sure the fabric is not twisted at any point on the sling
Once you have your baby secure in the sling start moving as this helps baby to acclimatise
Once you find the technique that is suitable for you and your little one, the sling should be very easy and comfortable for you both

Our slings also come with detailed step-by-step instructions to make it as easy as possible, and our store staff are more than happy to help demonstrate how to use the slings when needed. Happy babywearing! xx Nb