16 uses for a nappy square

16 uses for a nappy square

Our beautifully soft and absorbent nappy squares will soon become one of your baby essentials. Nappy squares are a simple and traditional cloth nappy and are an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to disposable nappies. Made from 50% organic cotton for comfort, breathability and softness against baby’s skin, and 50% bamboo for extra absorbency.

Our nappy squares measure 80 x 76 cm, the perfect size for a cloth nappy, and popping in your nappy bag for when you’re out and about.

Sixteen ways you can use your nappy square:

01. Cloth nappy

02. Burp cloth

03. Changing mat

04. Play mat

05. Swaddling cloth

06. Extra layer of bedding under little one's head for spills

07. Rolled up as a wedge for in bassinet or car seat

08. Extra sheet

09. Privacy when feeding

10. Cloth for cleaning up all those little spills

11. Nursing pillow cover

12. Shade over the pram or capsule

13. Cut up into reusable cloths for feeding, changing and bathing

14. Liner to protect baby’s bouncinette or other household furniture

15. Bath towel

16. For peek-a-boo and playtime

You can never have too many nappy squares with all these wonderful uses they have! Have we missed any? Nb x