Organic Follow On Formula - 6 Pack

Organic Follow On Formula - 6 Pack
Organic Follow On Formula - 6 Pack
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Babynat organic follow on formula is specially formulated in accordance with strict pediatric guidelines to meet the requirements of babies aged 6+ months to aid healthy growth and development. From 6 months, milk remains the main element in a baby's diet, even as first foods are introduced. Babynat Organic Follow-on formula covers all the nutritional needs of babies at that stage, within a diversified diet.

This formula includes a precise balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, iron, calcium and vitamins that are vital for the diet of a baby in the formative years. Unlike Babynat blue Infant Formula which is whey dominant, Babynat yellow Follow On Formula is casien dominant, which makes it more suitable for hungry older babies and toddlers with greater energy needs.

Please note: this product is not intended to replace breast milk or encourage early weaning. It is an alternative for times when breastfeeding is not a possible option. Before you decide to use this product consult your doctor or healthcare professional for advice.

product details

product code: VI026

  • 100% organic cows milk from France
  • ratio of soluble to insoluble protein is very close to the ratio in mother's milk
  • each batch of formula is tested for compliance with nutritional and safety requirements prior to release
  • whey based / gluten free
  • does not contain any synthetic additives
  • age: suitable from 6 months
  • size: 900g tin
  • made in France
  • should be used within 4 weeks of opening
  • organic ingedients: corn maltodextrins, skimmed milk, first cold pressed vegetable oils (oleic sunflower, rapeseed), lactose. Non organic ingredients: milk mineral concentrate (calcium), vitamin C, sodium citrate, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, bifidobacteria (bifidobacterium lactis) 0.05%, iron lactate, potassium hydroxide, natural vitamin E (D-alpha tocopherol acetate), zinc sulphate, niacin, sodium selenite, pantothenic acid, potassium iodine, magnesium oxide, copper sulphate, vitamin A, thiamin, vitamin B6, riboflavin, folic acid, manganese sulphate, vitamin K1, biotin, vitamin D3, vitamin B12

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why choose organic food & feeding?

why choose organic food & feeding?


Babies are more sensitive to pollution and pesticides than adults. This is because the eliminative organs of a baby are less likely to be able to break down and expel toxins. More than 400 chemical pesticides are regularly used in conventional farming. Organic foods tend to be rich in the vitamins and the essential minerals babies need, making them a more nutritious option.


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