fatherhood: jarrod wright

fatherhood: jarrod wright

jarrod wright

Jarrod is a film & TV editor, and chooses to freelance so that he gets lots of time to spend with his daughter, Jemima (4yrs). His lovely wife Louise is the designer here at Nature Baby, so we roped Jarrod in to share some insights on the journey of fatherhood with us.


What is the best part of being a Dad?

So many great things, but seeing joy on Jemima's face when we have been apart and she comes running for a hug, yelling “Daddy!!!!” is the best feeling in the world.

What is/was your best way to bond with your child?

Cuddles, reading stories and talking to them all the time.

What are you looking forward to as your little one grows up?

Teaching her all my tricks and having her teach me some new ones. Giving her all the love and knowledge I can to help her navigate this mad world we live in, and most importantly... All of my tired old jokes have a brand new audience.

What surprised you the most about fatherhood?

How the parenting instincts kicked in after she was born. Even though we had no idea what we were doing, we all survived.                       

Any words of wisdom for new dads or dads-to-be?

You know that feeling of concern wanting the baby to arrive healthy and happy? That’s just training for the rest of your life thinking about and caring for your little one. Cook lots of meals and freeze them. Get your rest now because you won’t get a sleep in for a decade, and kiss spontaneity goodbye for quite some time. Although that sounds like a downer, it’s not. The rewards of having a child far outweigh the challenges, being a Dad is the best thing I have ever experienced.


A special thanks to Triumph & Disaster, and Hallertau for providing our deserving dads with some Fathers Day essentials. And Happy Father's Day to all you doting dads! xx Nb