fatherhood: mike priddy

fatherhood: mike priddy

mike priddy

Mike and his wife Chantel have recently moved back from Sydney where they lived for 15 years, to join forces with his sister Sarah Tanner in her company Greenleaf Organics. They specialise in home & business delivered fresh organic smoothies, and have now opened a beautiful café in Kingsland. Mike is also Dad to Rocco (3yrs) and Edie (1y), and shares with us some insight on the journey of fatherhood. 

What is the best part of being a Dad?

The realisation of a love that is bigger and more intense than I have ever felt. An unconditional and unwavering love. I heard a quote “I now know what it is like for my heart to beat outside of my own body”, love that.

What is/was your best way to bond with baby or your kids?

Being in the moment. Like actually commit to the time that you are playing or reading or whatever. It is very easy to be distracted by the trappings of modern life with phones etc., but all the kids want is your involvement and undivided attention in whatever you may be doing together.

What surprised you the most about fatherhood?

The realisation that I was completely unproductive with my spare time before kids. Sure I worked hard etc. but I now know with 2 young kids that spare time, if there is any, is to be used wisely and productively. Drink 4 beers in half an hour instead of 2…stuff like that.

Any words of wisdom for new dads or dads-to-be?

Enjoy and man-up. Yes there are times when it is very challenging, but take a breath and enjoy the moments because they are so fleeting. Man-up in the sense of doing whatever it takes to make sure the kids are safe, happy and nurtured and your partner is supported, as much as you can. Gone are the days of saying you’ve been at work and you need to come home and put your feet up. Burst through the door, play with your kid, help with bath time and cook a meal for the table. 

What are/were your essentials for getting through the first few weeks and months?

A do whatever it takes attitude. Sometimes that meant different things; eating well, working out, drinking Pinot or Greenleaf Organics Smoothies. But more than anything supporting your partner. The girls have it tougher with carrying the child and birthing, the least we can do as fathers is listen, help and create a happy home. Not easy, but essential. There is no alternative. 


A special thanks to Triumph & Disaster, and Hallertau for providing our deserving dads with some Fathers Day essentials. And Happy Father's Day to all you doting dads! xx Nb