motherhood: jodi wilson

motherhood: jodi wilson

jodi wilson

We have been following Jodi's blog Practising Simplicity for a long time, her natural aesthetic and honest writing is inspiring. Mum of Che, Poet, and new little Percy, we are so excited to share with you some of Jodi's beautiful words and wisdom of motherhood.

What are some words you live by as a mother?
The words that resonate with me now were first spoken to me in my first pregnancy. They may be cliche but they are a vital part of of my vocabulary: "let go". I'm constantly reminding myself to let go of the need to control and organise and, as a result, I'm simply enjoying "being" in the moment.

What surprised you most about becoming a mum?
The physical ache synonymous with my love for my children. The profound strength of my motherly intuition. My ability to push through the deepest exhaustion and carry on with my day. But mostly, a newfound purpose to live a full, healthy and conscious life.

How do you find balance in your life?
I've discussed this a few times on the blog and I firmly believe that society's desperation to find balance is causing more angst and disappointment than what is necessary. Can mother's find balance? Perhaps. But I know for me, most of the time, balance is unattainable. So I'm content with the juggle of parenthood, work, domesticity and play. I work from home as a magazine writer, I write a blog (and its accompanying social media platforms), I have a child at school, one at preschool, a newborn baby and a partner who works in Sydney (a 1.5hour drive away) a few days a week. Balance is a goal far far away. But juggling is perfectly fine for now. As I wrote on the blog recently: "Yes, life with three children is busy but it's also everything I have ever wanted."

Words of wisdom for new parents?
One day at a time. And yes, your days will roll into nights which roll into days but, before you know it, you'll be sending that little bundle off to school. Savour it, know that it's the hardest job in the world and yet also, the most rewarding and joyous. I wrote a post here about the first year, consider it mandatory reading if you're pregnant with your first child.

Meaningful family moments?
I think meaningful moments happen every day; you just have to be open to recognising them. Like this morning, for instance, when Poet asked why we had an old house (translation: why did we move from our old house to the one we now live in). So, Daniel told the children the story of our relationship, about our first house, our second house, the babies we brought home...


A day in the life of Jodi

I live... in a little beachside cottage on the east cost of Australia.

I am currently re-reading... Marie Kondo's The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up

I’m listening to... Bon Iver

My weekends start... with the rousing cries of a hungry baby

One item I can’t live without is... my kettle

My perfect Mother’s Day would include... coffee and croissants for breakfast, a trip to the markets, soup for lunch, a beach walk, a nap, a roast dinner and a cup of tea before an early night (simple things)

Your must have Nature Baby items...

I have used Nature Baby for the past 7.5 years and absolutely adore it. My five favourite items would have to be:

cotton drawstring booties

lambskin booties

the entire pointelle range

merino knits

natural bodytop (so great for wearing under swing tops and summer dresses)

Thank you so much Jodi for this beautiful profile. nb x