jodi wilson: a simple christmas

jodi wilson: a simple christmas

a simple christmas 

by jodi wilson, practising simplicity


Christmas is magical when you follow your children’s lead. Their excitement is palpable and, without a doubt, contagious.

It’s easy for Christmas to be stressful for parents. Indeed, work commitments, end-of-year activities, social engagements and financial pressure can easily turn the festive season into an exhausting, overwhelming time. But it’s so important to see beyond the busyness. Or simply choose to focus on the good - holidays, health and happiness.

After our first Christmas with a baby (eight years ago!) my partner and I decided that from then on, we would only visit one set of grandparents on Christmas Day. Two meals, two houses and a baby was all too much and by the end of the day we were overtired and full - very full. So for the past few years we have spent Christmas Eve with one family and Christmas Day with the other. It works perfectly for us and it keeps the kids grounded (important in this season of excess).

We’re all for considered, simple gifts and we like to gift “experiences” where possible - trips to the zoo or the museum, for example. Wholesome, decadent, seasonal food is a vital part of the celebration and as we gather around the table each year we give thanks for each other and the opportunity to feast on prawns, ham, pomegranate jewelled salad, turkey with cranberry sauce and potatoes with mint and cream.

After gifts have been opened and pudding has been devoured we laze around and relax, most of us napping at some stage.

Boxing Day is just as good - ocean swims and leftovers for lunch, time to build the gifted Lego and puzzles and perhaps curl up with a new book.

December is such a busy month but once the dance recitals, drama performances and end-of-school assemblies are complete we can settle into home and bask in the wonder of the season. Fairy lights and pine needles and Christmas carols on repeat. 


Little Percy pictured in our Pacific Star Print from our limited edition Christmas collection