lena catterick: babywearing

lena catterick: babywearing

lena catterick: babywearing

To celebrate International Babywearing Week, we have asked the lovely Lena Catterick to share her thoughts on babywearing. Lena is the creative director and owner of the amazing Yoli & Otis organic carriers brand, which we stock at Nature Baby in store and online. Thank you for sharing with us, Lena xx Nb


BABYWEARING, by Lena Catterick

Today, much like everyday, for the first 30 seconds, I woke up with the intention of throwing on my Y&O and heading out the door. With Yoli cuddled in close, inhaling the sweet smell of her lavender scented hair and humming tunes of Ólafur Arnalds, my musical love. 

Those were the days. 

The days when being an independent young toddler named Yolanda, hadn’t yet come into play. When I could carry her around for hours, soaking up every moment like it was our last. Her head resting for a few seconds, then minutes of gazing. Out ahead, down at my feet, then into my eyes. She was aware of everything. 

Gaging her eyes, I could see she held a strong sense of belonging. Her curious frown would progress into pure amazement and then an exact understanding, as day by day, slowly but surely, her movements were inherited from the memory of having consistently done it all before, creating what I can only describe as TRUST. 

She trusted me to take the lead. That sense of security was always there, solidified by the bond of baby wearing. Something so magical I only wish I had more time before she thought it best to pave her own way, at just 9 months. 

Walking, very rapidly turned into running, then skipping and jumping and now, at 2 years old, she dances. Like an angel. Completely mesmerised by her effortless rhythm, I can’t help but acknowledge the one thing responsible for so much of who she is today… yes, babywearing. 

The beauty of her independence, her initiative to do everything on her own, is only then excelled by her ability to actually do all the things she sets herself out to do. Strong determination and persistence always prove her right in the end. Creating that sense of accomplishment, which continues to motivate her today.  

And without having realised it sooner… you suddenly remember… they’ve seen it all before. EVERYTHING, they’ve studied it repetitively whilst being bundled in your arms. All from putting on your shoes and opening and closing doors, to friendly gestures. Even particular movements of your mouth when you speak so softly and affectionately to them. It all contributes in enhancing their speech, motor skills and body language. Thus creating the confidence they need in assisting them with early development. 

Time with your baby, is all you need to understand them more. And understanding them is essentially what makes your entire experience as a new mother, rewarding. And thats what baby wearing is, just good quality time. You’re watching them grow by the second, allowing you to become so completely in tune with their movements, responses, their every need and them yours, until eventually you’re 100 percent in synchronisation with one another. Eliminating all worry and doubt, leaving only enough room for love and reassurance, strengthening that indescribable bond between parent and child.  

You’ll find for most babywearers it becomes their passion. Educating other mothers, fathers, their enthusiasm is all the encouragement you need to completely submerse yourself in the magical way of ‘Babywearing Bliss’. They know the benefits, they know what you have to gain. It’s only natural to want that for every parent. 

So for Babywearing Week, I’d like to thank all of our beautiful wearers for spreading the love and taking the time to share your knowledge and experiences of babywearing to friends and family, and new mums and dads all over the world. You’ve helped in more ways than you realise. So thank you, FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS. 


Happy Babywearing Week! 

Yoli & Otis  xx