third trimester checklist

third trimester checklist

We have put together a list of some helpful things you, your friends and family can put together in your third trimester for the arrival of your little one. 

Stocking up your pantry / filling the freezer
A really great way to ensure you have enough provisions to see you through your first 40 days postpartum is to take time in your third trimester to take stock of what you have and will need in your pantry. A good supply of gentle restorative foods such as rice, beans and pulses, butter, spices, teas, oils and so on will come in handy to have on hand at this time. As well as ensuring your pantry has its fill, storing lovingly prepared meals in your freezer to heat when needed will be a huge assistance in those busy early days. A great way to increase this supply is to suggest to friends and family to make a nourishing meal that is easily frozen in place of a gift before baby is born. Carving out the time to prepare your meals before birth will save you the time and energy to worry about dinner, dashing to the supermarket or cooking something when baby often has their busiest feeding period.  

Building a cosy nest
Creating a serene nest for you to spend time with your baby to rest and recuperate in is so important. As you will (hopefully!) be spending much of your time drifting in and out of sleep with your baby, feeding and cuddling, naturally much of this time will be spent in your room. Depending on whether you choose for baby to sleep in your room with you, or in their own nursery, it’s important that you set up your respective sleep spaces with practical and comfortable pieces of furniture. Some suggestions are; 
  - a soft nightlight for a warm glow to navigate night feeding and changes
  - a bassinet, moses basket or cot close by your bed that isn’t too low to bend down to. Basket stands are a good option to help with this
  - a comfortable feeding chair, with plenty of cushions to support your back
  - a fan / heater, to retain a comfortable temperature for you and baby throughout the day and night 

Support network
Perhaps the most important part of the checklist is to work on building your support network around you in your third trimester. Family members, friends, work colleagues or even your partners support network are all wonderful people that you can call on to support you postpartum. It’s so important in this time not to be too shy to ask for help, favors and someone to talk to, most people are incredibly giving and keen to support you and your baby as you navigate parenthood (whether that be for the first or 5thtime!).  Ideas for support:
  - helping to stock your freezer or pantry
  - coming over to clean/ assist with washing
  - helping with other children and their needs
  - cuddling baby while you nap or shower
  - giving you the time to talk, whether that be about baby, or anything but!
  - grabbing anything you may have forgotten or overlooked, but you have since discovered are vital 

Gathering the last of your necessities
Once you have gotten all of your newborn essentials together, take stock of what you have, and if there is anything else that you were planning on having for those early days. These are often little necessities that are small in size but are worth their weight in gold. A few we can think of:
  - nipple cream
  - burp cloths
  - baby nail scissors
  - mittens
  - baby carrier/ sling

Packing your hospital bag
Soon into your third trimester is a great time to start planning what you will pack in your hospital bag. Anywhere between 32 and 35 weeks is a good time to actually pack everything up and have it ready to go at any time.  We have collated a little list here of essentials to take with you. Planning this early will give you plenty of time to get all of your necessities together. 

A little something for yourself
In your third trimester, if you haven’t already, be sure to take some time for yourself to recharge and prepare for birth and the arrival of your little one. Whether that be relaxing with a book and diffusing calming oils, treating yourself to a massage or a gentle pregnancy yoga class. This down time will allow you to de stress and take a moment to step away from the busy-ness of everyday life. 

We hope this gives you some helpful ideas and hints for those final days of preparation. xx Nb