bedtime rituals for a restful sleep

bedtime rituals for a restful sleep

bedtime rituals

Creating a bedtime routine can be a reassuring ritual for both parents and baby, a quiet time at the end of the day to be enjoyed and treasured by the while family. Here are some sweet additions to your bedtime routine to help calm and settle your little one, aiding a restful night's sleep for the whole family.

A bedtime routine can start with a warm bath, this is a fun time for a bit of play to use up your little ones last bit of energy. The warm water will soothe and relax tired muscles and bodies, and settle baby for bedtime. Try including a drop or two of our natural sweet almond oil to moisturise and nourish baby's skin.

Wrap your little one in a soft cozy towel and cuddle them dry while transporting them to the bedroom. As they get older you can try this cute idea of rolling your little one into a sausage (towel roll) and throwing them on the BBQ (bed).

Once dry, daily massage with baby is the perfect evening wind down, settling your little one for sleep and a lovely bonding ritual. To find out more about including massage in your bedtime routine read more here.


Lots of cuddles are an essential for a good night's sleep. Just talking about the day, including some fun memories, having a giggle & sharing lots of love will make them feel calm and ready for sleep. A classic storybook or bedtime lullaby make lovely additions. 

Once baby is feeling happy and settled, turn on the soft glow of a night light to keep little one settled and reassured throughout the night.

Sweet dreams! xx nb