sleep tips: day light savings

sleep tips: day light savings

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Sleep is so important for our little ones and us, it is one of the biggest challenges that face parents. The thought of transitioning to daylight savings may fill you with dread, we want to help with a smooth adjustment to summer time in your home.

The best way is to move nap and sleep start times within your baby's routine by a small amount each day for a week or two before the official change. Each day put your baby to bed 5-10 minutes earlier. For example if he current has a bedtime of 7pm, try 6.55pm the first night, 6.45pm the next night and so on.

Even 15 minutes each day for four days can be effective, although a bit more intense.

At this time of transition it is really important to continue with any bedtime rituals or routines you may have, a bath, massage, feed, story, swaddling and cuddles, which all help to calm baby.

With more light in the evenings at this time of year, black out curtains are a brilliant way to create a night time environment which they are used to, while the sun is still shining outside. Night lights are a must at night for older children who start to have fears of the dark.

During summer there are other issues to consider. It is warmer so use lighter weight fabrics to cocoon your little one, organic muslin is a lovely option.

These are all great ways to let your little one know it is time to relax, prepare for sleep and stay asleep all night long.

Most importantly stay relaxed. An unsettled period is still possible, remember it wont last. It can take a week after the clocks have changed for everyone, no matter what age, to be settled in the new sleeping pattern.