step by step to safe and secure swaddling

step by step to safe and secure swaddling

step by step to safe and secure swaddling

Help your newborn feel warm and secure as if they were cocooned in the womb. Swaddling can keep baby from being disturbed by their own startle reflex, keeping little one calm and reassured. Follow our step by step guide of how to swaddle baby.

Take a wrap and lay flat,fold down the top corner down so it almost reaches the centre. Place your baby so the shoulders are just below the top of this folded edge.

Gently hold the baby’s arm at the side by pulling the wrap up and over the body.

Tuck the wrap under the baby, between the baby’s arm and body, letting the baby’s weight hold the wrap in place. Make this part of the swaddle very snug, so place the baby to the right while pulling the wrap left to ensure there’s no loose wrap in your swaddle.


Take the bottom of the blanket and pull it up so you've created a pocket for the baby’s legs. Then take the wrap and tuck it under the baby in the same place you tucked in Step 3.

Like you did in Step 2, take the baby’s arm and put it down so it rests next to the body. Then pull the wrap down over the shoulder (so the arm can’t make its way out), and then pull the wrap up-and-over the body. The wrap should wrap under the baby (remember to use the baby’s weight to hold the swaddle into place) if there is excess fabric this can peek out the other side, or be tucked under baby.

Like you did in Step 3, you’ll want to make this part of the swaddle very snug, so place the baby to the right while pulling the wrap left to ensure there’s no loose blanket in your& swaddle.

We recommend using our cotton or merino wraps which both have a lovely stretch to ensure a secure hold. They measure 100 x 100cm so are a generous size to ensure you have plenty of fabric to get a great swaddle baby will love.

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