how to wash cloth nappies

how to wash cloth nappies

When deciding on using reusable vs disposable nappies, a question we get asked a lot is ‘how do you wash cloth nappies? Is it complicated?’ Cloth nappies have changed a lot since our parents and grandparents used them, there are so many options available now, and washing them can be very simple and easy to do.

Wet soak method:

Close any Velcro so it does not catch dirt or weaken the nappy fibers

Soak nappies for a minimum of 4- 6 hours in either baking soda or vinegar, we recommend using a quarter of a cup to a 10 litre bucket of water. This is a natural and economical alternative to products such as Napisan (Napsian contains bleaching agents and can destroy the life span of the nappies)

TIP: you can add tee tree oil for extra bacterial fighting power and a fresh smell

Pour bucket load of nappies into washing machine, spin out dirty water

Wash on a warm 60 degree wash, this should be sufficient to kill bacteria

No-soak method:

Thanks to the wonders of the modern washing machine, it isn’t always necessary to soak your nappies before washing in the machine. This method may help prevent wear and tear, conserve water, and save on washing detergent.

You could also make up a spray bottle of baking soda or vinegar solution and instead of soaking, spray the solution on soiled area, leave for a few hours and then pop straight into washing machine.

To dry:

Line dry if possible – sun is an excellent whitener and kills bacteria. For all-in-one style cloth nappies, hang by the inner flap for quicker drying

Otherwise tumble try on a low/medium heat

Nappies will dry easily in summer sun but may take longer in winter months - if drying time is an issue, we recommend a two-part nappy system as the inners are quick to dry


Happy washing! Nb x