what is in our skincare?

what is in our skincare?

what is in our skincare?

We believe in being careful of what goes into our bodies and our babies’ bodies, and also what goes onto their skin. Baby skin is at least three times more sensitive and absorbent than adult skin. With many skincare products containing a concoction of chemicals and synthetic compounds we are committed to creating skin and body care that doesn’t interfere with healthy, beautiful skin.

Our botanical skincare range is formulated specifically for the intricate needs of mothers and babies.

Inspired by traditional botanical ingredients that have stood the test of time, we choose the finest active ingredients obtained with organic and natural methods of cultivating, harvesting and processing to guarantee potency and purity.


Almond oil


Rich in vitamin A E B1 B2 B6 and a high percentage of mono & poly saturated fatty acids. Nourishes & gently relieves dryness and irritation, making it perfect for delicate skin.




A wonderful antiseptic, naturally present in honey made from the nectar of the native New Zealand Manuka bush.



Rosehip oil


This oil helps keep skin hydrated, regular use from an early stage can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.


Geranium rose oil


Keeps skin soft and supple and works to balance hormonal systems, is great for relieving stress.


Jojoba oil


Easily absorbed and gentle on the skin, cleansing and moisturising, often able to balance the oil production of adult skin.



Chamomile oil


Has a lovely calming effect, soothes restlessness and promotes a good nights sleep.


Lavender oil


A nostalgic calming scent which remedies a wide range of ailments, offering the body both physical and emotional relief. Known for its benefits to the skin, promotes restful sleep.


Calendula oil


This oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antiseptic perfect for nappy rash.


These ingredients are blended together to create natural, luxurious skincare for you and your baby. We hope you love learning more about our range! NB x