celebrating organic with Nature Baby founder Georgia Faull

celebrating organic with Nature Baby founder Georgia Faull

To celebrate Organic Week 2021, we spoke to Nb founder and mother of three Georgia Faull about her longstanding relationship with organic.


How do you define the term 'organic' at Nature Baby?

Organic is a very holistic term which in my mind incorporates a wide range of factors, from general health and well-being of people through to the preservation and regeneration of the planet, it basically means living in balance and respect with nature. We always try our best to encompass organic regenerative principles at Nature Baby. 

Why did you see it as important to incorporate organic manufacturing into the business from the very beginning?

When we began in the late 1990's there was not very much availability for natural let alone organic products for babies, but it seemed very obvious at that time that if we were to design products for babies you would also need to do so with their future in mind. Organic manufacturing means care is taken from the soil to the seed to the crop to the end garment being produced in an ethical way with all steps taken along the way to ensure a best practice, which protects the delicate balance of nature for generations to come and also created a very beautiful soft fabric which is free of any chemical residues.

A lot has changed since then and organic has become something of a trend and a buzzword. This is a good thing as it signifies a shift toward somehthing which is more positive but this has created quite a bit of "greenwash" which sometimes can be frustrating if you see products being labelled as organic when they are not being authentic to the principles of organic manufacturing. This is why we think that it is important to always check the organic credentials or certifications of the products you buy (looking for certs such as GOTS*), not to do so makes it harder for organic producers who are manufacturing in a more authentic/best practice way.

What are the benefits of dressing baby in organic?

Firstly something about it just feels much better. It feels very nurturing, soft and comfortable, which is perfect for babies' needs. It smells good (no toxic chemicals to inhale) and it feels gentle. It washes and wears well, because the individual fabric fibres are lustrous and strong.

One of the most frequent compliments we receive is how well Nature Baby garments last. We love to hear that Nature Baby garments can keep being treasured and can be passed along through friends and family.

Nature Baby has a commitment to preserving the planet for the next generation, how does organic farming impact this mission in a meaningful way?

Organic farming is recognised as a vital tool in climate mitigation. Organic and regenerative best practices such as soil rehabilitation through composting and crop rotation and the planting of cover crops help to build healthy soil and create biodiversity which is a force for trapping carbon and lowering emissions. This is because healthy nutrient rich soil captures more carbon through the process of photosynthesis. A lot of modern day farming processes have left massive areas of stripped barren land that cannot effectively absorb carbon.

Organic farming methods also respect animal welfare and improve the lives of farmers, especially in areas that grow cotton such as India and Turkey.

What do you look for when shopping organic yourself, can you share any other businesses you love in this space?

To be honest when shopping organically I look for organic brands that have been operating in this space for a while because it shows true commitment and that they are not just responding to a fashion trend. I feel I can trust them more.

Because it is so hard to find authenticity I always look for certifications. If there are no certifications I look at the general quality where it was made etc and ask myself "will I get a lot of wear out of this product".

Patagonia have always been a trail blazer for the garment industry in terms of producing clothing in a regenerative and ethical way as well as being a powerful voice to bringing awareness to these issues. They have always stayed true to their foundations together with being innovative in terms of what practices they use to achieve the best sound outcome ethically and environmentally.

More locally I admire brands such as Kow Tow who are a 'Seed to Garment' company who have authenticity and are pioneers around the concept of conscious consumption and circularity.


* Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognised as the world's leading standard of textile production in organic fibres. It defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and requires compliance with a high social criteria as well.