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full time / permanent
Auckland, New Zealand

We are looking for a communication and marketing superstar to join us as we enter into a new phase of international growth. You will be part of a creative team, working across a variety of media and projects to deliver a brand experience that inspires and unites our community.

What you'll bring:

• Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal
• Strong digital, ecommerce and social media skills
• Great interpersonal skills and the ability to foster great working relationships
• Excellent planning and confident with delegation and follow up
• Strong analytical processes and CRM knowledge
• Up to date and excited by marketing trends both traditional and digital
• Computer skills including Microsoft Office Outlook, Word & Excel
• Knowledge of budgeting and cost estimating

Applicants should be passionate, motivated and aligned to our purpose of Better for Baby, People and Planet. Committed to marketing excellence and achievement of results. Able to work with and motivate others to achieve results.

If you're interested in this position, please send your cover letter and CV (including your availability) to: hiring@naturebaby.com

Please note, only candidates under consideration will be contacted.


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