summer activities for little ones

summer activities for little ones

summer activities to keep little ones cool

We have put together a little list of simple ideas to keep your little one cool and busy on long hot summer days.

1. Water play
Buckets or paddling pools of water will provide lots of entertainment for little ones on a hot summers day. Set yourselves up on the back deck, or under a shady tree in the garden. Little bath toys to float or sticks and leaves for little one to experiment with in the water are all good ideas. For slightly older kids, you could get out any paint brushes and set them up on a wooden or concrete surface to paint with water, mess free.

2. Local pool
Grab your swimsuit, towel, sunscreen and hat and head down to your local swimming pool. Bring a little picnic and splash in the shallows. Often local pools have splash pads and water play grounds for little ones to enjoy.

3. Local leafy walk / bushwalk
A nice way to get out and about from the house in summer is to go for a short walk in your local area. A leafy walk or even a bushwalk if that is available by you is a great way to get out in the fresh summer air. Some babies like to fall asleep in the pram or front pack while you walk, and others may love to stare at the leafy canopy above. 

4. Beach
Visit your favourite beach but avoid the harsh sun in the middle of the day by going early in the morning when your little ones rise early, or evening, with a picnic dinner on the beach. In the midst of summer, it still nice and warm, but be sure to pack a jumper for those cool breezes.

5. Garden
A favourite activity for toddlers or children is to build a little hut with old sheets or blankets in the trees. Or pitch a little tent in the backyard and go “camping” for a day (or even a night!). It’s a fun way to experience the same excitement of going somewhere new, without having to pack up the car.

We hope you and your little ones enjoy the beautiful summer weather outside creating lots of lovely memories together xx Nb