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welcome to the Nature Baby Journal, a thoughtfully curated world of information for parents and parents to be. Inspiration, products and ideas that will nurture you, your baby and the environment.

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  1. recipe: sardines on toast

    recipe: sardines on toast

    Carter Were shares a simple and tasty recipe for sardines on toast with pickled eggs and herbs, perfect to use up ingredients kept well in your larder.

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  2. Q&A with Luka McCabe

    Q&A with Luka McCabe

    Nutrition consultant Luka McCabe chatted to our community via Instagram Live to answer your questions on introducing your little ones to solids. We've shared here what she said.

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  3. Q&A with Sharlene Poole

    Q&A with Sharlene Poole

    Baby expert Sharlene Poole chatted to our community via Instagram live to answer your questions and offer support. We've shared here what she said.

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  4. recipe: coconut fruit muffins

    recipe: coconut fruit muffins

    An easy recipe for tasty little dairy and gluten free muffins, perfect for afternoon treats.

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  5. recipe: goodfor lactation cookies

    recipe: goodfor lactation cookies

    Our friends at Goodfor have put together a yummy recipe to make your own healthy lactation cookies.

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  6. refreshing and energising smoothie

    refreshing and energising smoothie

    A smoothie filled with lots of vitamins and minerals to keep up energy during pregnancy and postpartum.

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  7. recipe: almond, chocolate + chickpea cookies

    recipe: almond, chocolate + chickpea cookies

    Our friends at Lunch Lady have created a delicious and (pretty) healthy recipe for almond and chocolate breakfast cookies.

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  8. creating a support network

    creating a support network

    We have listed a few helpful ideas and ways to build your physical support network with other parents and friends in a new or lonely place.

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  9. future foody, kids meals

    future foody, kids meals

    Our friends at Future Foody have developed a new kids meal range, without the stress of preparing fresh, healthy and organic meals for their little ones.

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